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Pinnacle EMS provides paramedic level response to 911 emergency and non-emergency calls in Yell county.  Our personnel are committed to providing professional and compassionate care.


911 Response and Medical Transport

Inter-Facility Transportation

Non-Emergent Transport

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Signs of Stroke

Know the Sudden Signs of Stroke and ACT FAST!

BALANCE       Is there a loss of balance?
EYES                Is there a vision change in one or both eyes?
FACE                Facial weakness, drooping or uneven smile
ARM                Arm numbness or arm weakness
SPEECH          Slurred speech, difficulty speaking or understanding
TIME               Call 911 and get to the hospital immediately

One or more of the symptoms listed above may occur. Do not ignore any of these symptoms, even if they go away – take action immediately. The symptoms of stroke may mimic other medical conditions or problems. Do not drive yourself, call 911.

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